Mini Monster Update: 06/21/24

by Audrey Jaeger on Jun 21, 2024

Mini Monster Update: 06/21/24

Monster nation!

Our latest Kickstarter campaign, Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone™ - RePrint and Vehicle MAYHEM, is zooming right along!!

We have even peppered in some preem new add-ons for you to add to your order! The first one up is 12, that's right, 12 new dead bodies that you can tack on to your pledge.

The second add-on we dropped was the Elusive 4!! Night City’s: Doc Salvage, Jonathan Powers, Nemo, and Sgt. Suou.

Originally found in paint sets, these models are becoming limited-release Characters. This means you’ll be able to purchase them as add-ons for this Kickstarter, then depending on our supplies, future conventions and campaigns.

Plus, we’ll be expanding them to Elite versions! For those of you backing the Kickstarter campaign and receiving physical product from one of the pledges, if you already have these characters, we will have an option in our pledge manager for you to receive one set of the Elite versions of these character cards for free.

And the third drop is for    Trauma Team!!!   
(can you tell I am very excited? ^.^)

We have added a new ganger pack to the line that includes a Leader for Trauma Team, plus an EMR Pilot, Security Gunner, and a host of Universal options (Gear, Mods, and an Objective deck)! This will let you run them as their own team BUT they're more like an expansion for EVERYONE rather than a "new team". Although they are also that.


Is that need for speed so great that you just can’t wait?

Get started with a few beta test cards to try out for some of the vehicles. These can be found when you download the Vehicle Rulebook for Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone.

Next Up on the Website

The Judge's Rulebook and Neon Ghosts coming soon to the webstore, along with the highly anticipated restock of our Limiters!!




Historicon Tournament Info

Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone Friday Firefight!

Friday, July 19th, 10 AM - 4 PM

Bring your own gang of Combat Zone minis and join Monster Fight Club for neon skirmish action in the Combat Zones of Night City.

This tournament pits up to 32 players in three 90-minute rounds, and everyone gets a little prize for participating!

Assemble Your Most Elite Team

  • Teams will have a budget of 150EB
  • Each team will have 6 Street Cred worth of Veteran/Elite Characters. Veterans take 1 Street Cred, Elites take 2. These Characters do not cost additional EB.
  • Teams MAY NOT pay the additional 5EB for veterans/elites.
  • Teams may purchase and equip Gear/Programs from any faction (at the cost listed on the card.
  • There is no limit to the number of Merc models a team may hire.
  • Teams may ignore the Gear/Program rarity.
  • Teams may have as many of a Gear/Program as they wish Each Character may still only have one of any single Gear/Program.

GM: Fixer Len

You can find him and our other Fixers on our Discord

Well that's it so far as news updates for June, and I hope to get to meet you all if you'll be at Historicon and GenCon this year!

Yours in monstrous gaming,

Audrey, your Monster Maven

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