Pre-order by May 15th to get free "The Moment" art print, standee, collector's box, and miniature!

Pre-order the Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone Pre-order Edition to receive:

  • The Moment Art Print
  • The Moment Collector's Miniature

Pre-order the Collector's Edition to also receive an exclusive Collector's Box with:

  • 24 Premium Combat Zone Miniatures
  • Edgerunner and Arasaka Gear Decks
  • Edgerunner and Araska Objective Decks
  • Edgerunner and Arasaka Program Decks
  • The Moment StandUpz™ Standee
  • Exclusive Adam Smasher Collector's Box

Pre-Order Edition

The Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone Pre-order Edition includes everything you need to play your game straight out of the box with quick and simple set up, allowing you to get right to the action! It also includes two FREE pre-order bonuses: The Moment Art Print and The Moment Collector's Miniature!

  • Combat Zone Rulebook
  • Edgerunners Scenario Book
  • 24 Full-color Acrylic StandUpz™ Standees
  • Fold-out 22x30" Gameboard
  • 3D Night City Ruins Terrain
  • Arasaka and Edgerunner Character Cards
  • Universal Program, Gear, and Loot Decks
  • [RE]action Tokens, Dice, and Limiters
  • The Moment Art Print FREE Pre-order Bonus
  • The Moment Collector's Miniature FREE Pre-order Bonus

Collector's Edition

For the choom that's got to have everything, we've created the Collector's Edition. This pre-order exclusive edition includes a second, stylish Adam Smasher Collector's Box that is jammed packed with miniatures, extra cards, and a StandUpz™ standee of the The Moment.

This Collector's Edition is a pre-order exclusive and is the only way to get all of the exclusive pre-order bonuses!

What's in the Collector's Edition?

The Collector's Edition includes the Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone Pre-order Edition and the Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone Collector's Box.

The Collector's Box is the perfect upgrade for an already fantastic game. It includes miniatures that represent all of your StandUpz™ standees from the core game, extra cards to expand your gameplay options, and a stylish The Moment StandUpz™ for desktop display.

The Collector's Box is not available separately. It is exclusive to the Collector's Edition. Order by May 15th to guarantee your copy!

  • 9 Edgerunners miniatures including: Lucy, Rebecca, Falco, Kiwi, Maine, Dorio, Pilar, and both adult and teenage versions of David.
  • 15 Arasaka miniatures including: Adam Smasher, Tanaka, Jimmy Kurosaki, Point Man, Heavy Support Operative, Heavy Assault Response Suit, Tactical Response Specialist, Team Lead, Technical Specialist, and six Security Officers.
  • Faction Gear, Objective, and Program Decks for both Edgerunners and Arasaka.
  • The Moment StandUpz™ Standee FREE Pre-order Bonus
  • Exclusive Adam Smasher Collector's Box FREE Pre-order Bonus

*Note: All miniatures come unassembled and unpainted.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

So which is it choom? Pre-Order Edition or Collector's Edition? You don't have much time to decide. This job has a deadline of May 15th. Still can't make up your mind? Go ahead and read those Edition descriptions one more time. Then jam that "Order Now" button to get your FREE bonus merch!

It's time to cut loose. No holding back.

Preorders end May 15th!

The [RE]action System

​Characters have green, yellow, and red actions. Depending on what color action you're taking, you'll roll a different size die or move a different distance. As characters take wounds, their actions turn red - and the red action dice is only six-sided!

​When characters are wounded, they don't just stand there and take it - they [Re]act! Counterattack, dodge, or use one of their special abilities.  You don't last long in the Combat Zone if you just stand around getting shot!


Each character in Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone has a character card with their skills, abilities, and gear. Some characters are fearsome fighters, some are technical geniuses, and others are brilliant leaders. 

The characters' cards are the core of the [RE]action system: they tell you how many actions that character has available, what their skills are, and what special abilities or gear they have.

The Limiter

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone uses a unique measuring system: the Limiter. The Limiter is divided into three areas, matching the three colors of the action dice: red, yellow, and green. When you're taking movement actions, you can move along the color of the action you took.  So if you use a valuable green action to move, you'll be able to sprint much farther across the board than you could with a red action. Flip a green action? Move a green distance! Now that's moving!

The Limiter is also used to measure the ranges of all your actions and attacks. Each action has a range pictured above the effect: your target must be within that range. Some actions, like firing a sniper rifle or rocket launcher, may require your target to be "beyond the limit" - meaning they can't be closer than the length of the limiter.


When a character takes an action, they roll the color die that matches the action they just used: taking a green action?  Roll a twelve-sided green die. Taking a yellow action? Roll an eight-sided yellow die. The higher your roll, the greater your chance of your action succeeding (plus every roll has a chance of a Critical Success or Failure). 

After rolling, characters add their skills to their dice rolls. So the higher their skill, the better chance they have of success when taking an action that uses that skill.

When you take actions, you're often targeting a rival - and they have something to say about it. You add your Skill to your dice roll, but your target also rolls a die and adds their skill.  An action is successful when your dice roll beats your target's result. Not all actions are attacks, but successful attacks wound their target, turning one of the target's actions red.


But it doesn't stop there - If your action successfully wounds your target, your target will have a chance to React, if they have any unspent actions. You can react and counterattack, dart away, or use one of their special abilities. If they counterattack, they must target the rival that wounded them.  Moving away after being wounded may prevent you from being wounded again before that character can act.

Control of the Battle

At any given time, one player has Control of the battle. The character with Contol of the battle is the one who is currently taking actions with one of their characters. You lose control when your active character runs out of Actions. Characters can try to activate other friendly characters.  When your rival has control of the battle, you can attempt to take control with a Reaction!

This creates fast-paced back and forth gameplay, where control of the game passes back and forth, without getting bogged down in phases, upkeep, and accounting.

Download the Rules

Want to know everything there is to know about the rules? Then download the Rulebook and Scenario Book.

Just remember, both of these are still works in progress and may change slightly based on final testing.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

So which is it choom? Pre-Order Edition or Collector's Edition? You don't have much time to decide. This job has a deadline of May 15th. Still can't make up your mind? Go ahead and read those Edition descriptions one more time. Then jam that "Order Now" button to get your FREE bonus merch!

Everything you need to play!

The Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone 2-Player Starter is the perfect entry point for you and a friend to begin playing Combat Zone. With StandUpz™ standees for two gangs, dice, cards, and scenery, this box set is playable with minimal setup, letting you get straight to the action!

Edgerunners Standees

Nine full color acrylic standees featuring your favorite characters from the Cyberpunk Edgerunners show.

The gang features two leaders: Maine and Adult David.

For gangers you can choose from Rebecca, Pilar, Dorio, Juvenile David (not useable at the same time as his adult version), Falco, Kiwi, and Lucy.

Falco has the new Wheelman keyword making him ready to get behind the wheel with Combat Zone's upcoming Vehicle Rules.

Lucy and Kiwi both are Netrunners allowing you to thwart Arasaka with a suite of cunning programs.

Arasaka Corporation

As befits one of the most powerful corporations in Night City, Arasaka brings a wealth of options to the table in stunning standee form.

The backbone of the force is made up of well equipped and highly trained Arasaka security forces including Heavy Assault Response, Heavy Support Operative, Tactical Respons Specialist and Point Man; lead by either a Team Lead or Tanaka himself.

While a Technical Specialist will do their best trying to keep Lucy and Kiwi from hacking the team. But you may be best served freelancing Jimmy Kurosaki to handle the Netrunning.

Six Security Operative gonks can be recruited when the situation looks like a meat grinder.

And when all else fails, Adam Smasher is a one man-machine army.

Character Cards

The Character cards for both Edgerunners and Arasaka provide you with all the information you need to hire and play your Characters in the Combat Zone.

Night City Scenery

Every battle needs a Combat Zone, and the Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone starter includes a beautiful one. A 22" x 30" double-sided battlespace is included with stunning, modular full-color ruins.

The combined color scenery and and standees make it so you'll be playing visually beautiful games quickly and easily.

As a special bonus the reverse side of the game board is designed to perfectly align with the game board from our Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone 2-Player Starter game board. Making it easy for players with both sets to make a 44x30" battlespace!

Program Cards

The game includes two decks of Universal Program cards which can be installed and launched by Netrunners of any faction. Programs provide key advantages for your crew. Hack Weapons to prevent them from attacking; Reboot Optics to blind your opponents; burst eardrums with Sonic Shock; or spread a virus through the entire rival crew with the potent Contagion.

Gear Cards

Building your crew isn't just about the bodies, it's also about the chrome. Two Universal Gear decks, that can be used by any faction, provide your crews with an array of options to level the playing field or to give you an extra edge.

Gear ranges from utilitarian firearms and equipment such as Heavy Pistols, SMGs, armor, grenades, and monowires to more exotic cybergear Mantis Blades, Gorilla Arms, and Subdermal Armor.

If you've got the EB and the Street Cred you can even get yourself a Sandevistan!

Loot Cards

The Combat Zones of Night City are a dangerous and deadly place. But they're also full of opportunity--if you're not too squeamish.

When a ganger is taken out they leave behind a Body token. You can Loot the body to gain value equipment. If they're dead, they're obviously not going to need it any more! You can also draw Loot through unique scenario rules. If a Choom is clever and lucky they may just come out of a firefight with a trophy or three.

Rule and Scenario Books

Of course none of these amazing components mean anything without some incredible rules to use them with.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone includes a complete full color rulebook that will teach you all the ins-and-outs of hiring your crew and fighting battles in the Combat Zone.

The scenario rulebook includes missions to keep your games varied so you're always coming back for more, as well as a campaign system to interlock your scenarios and advance your Characters on their way to fame and fortune (or inglorious demises).

[RE]action System Dice, Limiter, and Tokens

Those fancy rulebooks are powered by Monster Fight Club's own [RE]action System. (We've already given you some highlights about the rules to read earlier.) The box includes two sets of dice, two limiters, and all the Action, Body, Objective, Hacked, Impact, and other assorted tokens you'll need to play your games.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

So which is it choom? Pre-Order Edition or Collector's Edition? You don't have much time to decide. This job has a deadline of May 15th. Still can't make up your mind? Go ahead and read those Edition descriptions one more time. Then jam that "Order Now" button to get your FREE bonus merch!

Upgrade your StandUpz™ to miniatures!

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone includes 24 vibrant, full-color StandUpz™ acrylic standees. For the hobbyists and collectors who want to take battles into the combat zone further, we offer a complete range of stunning miniatures. Each model is meticulously designed to accurately capture the characters from the series.

Below we feature highlights of this beautiful range of miniatures, that come in the Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Collector's Box, which is part of the Ultimate Edgerunner Bundle!

"The Moment" Collector's Miniature

Depicting one of the most iconic and infamous moments from Cyberpunk Edgerunners. We are delighted to offer, The Moment Collector's Miniature.

This stunning figure captures the moment just before Adam Smasher's heartbreaking impact with Rebecca. It is perfect for both painting enthusiasts and display by fans of the series.

The Moment Collector's Miniature is available for FREE with your purchase of the Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone Pre-order Edition!

While these miniatures will be available separately later, they will not include the incredible pre-order bonuses or the amazing pre-order price!

*Note: All miniatures come unassembled and unpainted.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

So which is it choom? Pre-Order Edition or Collector's Edition? You don't have much time to decide. This job has a deadline of May 15th. Still can't make up your mind? Go ahead and read those Edition descriptions one more time. Then jam that "Order Now" button to get your FREE bonus merch!

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone First Look

Praise for Cyberpunk: Combat Zone and the [RE]Action System

Board Game Quest

"If you are looking for a great skirmish game set in the wonderful world of Cyberpunk, you can have a ton of fun here. The mechanics are inspired, the components wonderful, and the game is juat a lot of fun once you get the rules down." - Tony Mastrangeli

IGN Tabletop

"Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone is a successful launching point for a novel miniatures game. It includes enough quality content and material to keep a pair of players busy for some time. The componets are gorgeous and the value is strong. This is a huge win from all angles." - Charlie Theel

Polygon Recommends

"Buttery-smooth mechanics coupled with novel asynchronous campaign play" - Charlie Hall

Rob's Tabletop World

"Fun, simple, smart, intuitive, beautiful scenery. This is a home run." - Rob Oren

Tabletop Minions

2023 Tabletop Minions Award

"It's a quick and smooth ruleset." - Uncle Atom

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Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

So which is it choom? Pre-Order Edition or Collector's Edition? You don't have much time to decide. This job has a deadline of May 15th. Still can't make up your mind? Go ahead and read those Edition descriptions one more time. Then jam that "Order Now" button to get your FREE bonus merch!