Monster Fight Club's
Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

Including a Game Mat in your order will increase your shipping cost, wherever you are in the world. They're durable (heavy) mats, and will be shipped rolled to minimize the chance of creases forming.

US customers can expect a Game Mat to increase their shipping cost by about $10. International customers can expect a Game Mat to increase theirs between $15-$20.

Multiple Game Mats in the same shipment will increase the shipping cost somewhat, but not as much.

Free shipping is offered on orders over $125 within the contiguous United States.

Shipping will be calculated based on the size and weight of your package. We do our best to provide affordable shipping, but as shipping costs tend to fluctuate, we can't provide exact shipping quotes until we know how much will be in your shipment.

Yes, we can ship to domestic US PO Boxes.

International shipping IS available. Quotes can be generated in the shopping cart by entering your postal/zip code.

Please be aware that people in different regions of the world may receive their packages sooner than others due to the logistics of international shipping.

Kickstarter FAQ's

Some of our Kickstarter campaigns support friendly shipping, and others do not. Please refer to the section below where you can find our campaign-specific FAQs for answers regarding that specific project. Each project that has friendly shipping will state which countries it applies to on the campaign page in the shipping section and will be marked with a friendly shipping symbol.

Campaigns fulfilled through the MFC warehouse Your order will be subject to import and custom fees, as well as VAT and applicable taxes. International shipping will likely be expensive.

Campaigns fulfilled through a partner with “friendly” shipping Your order will be shipped within the destination country, and will not be subject to import or customs fees; however, if you order to a country that is subject to VAT and taxes, you will still be responsible for paying those fees.

Uncertainties with international customs and fees make it difficult to predict exactly what fees any one customer will incur at the time of delivery. For UK & EU customers, VAT will be charged in the pledge manager, at whatever the current VAT rate is at the time your pledge manager is confirmed.

Any changes to international law that incur additional charges will be each backer's responsibility upon delivery. With that being said, we will do our best to minimize these fees. If you live outside of the US, Canada, UK, and EU, please contact us at for an estimate.

If you confirm your pledge in the duration of our pledge manager, you agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our pledge manager system, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and that you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods. Again, we regret we are unable to ship to PO Boxes.

Unconfirmed pledges make it difficult for us to plan production and logistics and may lead to project delays which could impact your fellow backers. As a result, waiting too long to confirm your pledge may result in exclusive items not being produced in sufficient quantities and losing out on recieving all items expected for your pledge.

Monster Fight Club can refund you within 14 days of the campaign’s end, fees included. After that, we are planning to begin production and cannot offer any refunds. If a component cannot be delivered AT ALL, we refund that completely, including fees.

For late backers, the timeline in which we can issue a refund is within 1 week of pledging. Please refer to the section below where you can find our Kickstarter specific FAQs.

*All of our Kickstarter projects are funded in USD and any refunds processed will be in USD for the exact amount received in USD, excluding any applicable fees depending on the time of the refund being processed. Damaged products will be replaced or refunded, at our discretion, based on current inventory.

Downloadable Content FAQ's

All the STL files will be water-tight and tested on our in-house Form3 printer. Supports vary from machine to machine; files will be provided without supports. Some larger pieces may not fit onto smaller print beds. These files were designed with resin printing in mind, but should work on FDM printers (but we haven’t test-printed every piece on a FDM machine).

By downloading any digital files, Monster Fight Club (MFC) grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, license to use the provided STL Files for your personal, non-commercial use. Further, by downloading the files, you agree to the 3D File Agreement below:

Monster Fight Club’s Downloadable Content Agreement
  1. You may not share, sell, rent, sub-license, host, transfer, assign, or otherwise distribute the Monster Fight Club files, or any derivative works made from the Monster Fight Club files.
  2. Monster Fight Club retains all intellectual property rights, of all files. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrights, patents, and trademarks.
  3. The files may not be used in any commercial way.
  4. Monster Fight Club reserves the right to modify or discontinue the files at any time.
  5. Monster Fight Club cannot guarantee the provided files will work on your specific machinery and may not be able to provide support.
  6. Monster Fight Club reserves the right to modify these terms.

Logo for/Link to Borderlands®: Mr. Torgue's Arena of Badassery™

Borderland's®: Mr. Torgue's Arena of Badassery FAQ's

We'd love to make the Borderlands®: Mr. Torgue's Arena of Badassery game in all the languages people play games in! However, it ultimately depends on the interest of our international partners in collaborating with us on it.

We're currently discussing the possibilities with our global partners, but localizing a game like this with a lot of cards and components, it's a tremendous amount of work. Understandably, many of them would like to see how successful the Kickstarter is before working taking that on.

This campaign is for the English version of the game.

We call it "Heroic 30mm" and it's in line with many popular miniature ranges.

The miniatures in this campaign are manufactured in a high temperature PVC. This process is designed to improve detail, retain rigidness of material, and have a nice matte finish to help take paint as a hobby product, if desired. This also allows the miniatures to be cast in consistent and vibrant colors.

Backers 1 - 6700 pledged within the first 48 hours. Backers 1 - 8925 pledged before Dec 13th.

If your backer number is 1 - 6700, and you pledged Arena Casualty or higher, the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler Add-On will automatically be added to your pledge in the Backerkit pledge manager.

Backers who upgrade in the pledge manager will also receive the add-on. If you downgrade your pledge below Arena Casualty, you will not receive the add-on.

If your backer number is 1 - 8925 you will receive Steve the Psycho for free.

These free rewards will be added automatically in the Backerkit pledge manager, you don't have to add them to your pledge unless you want extra.

The Kickstarter Exclusive Moxxi was an exclusive item only available via the Kickstarter. It was offered FREE to anyone who pledged at the Arena Casualty, True Badass, or Ultimate Vault Hunter level before the close of the campaign.

Due to feedback from our backers, the contents of the Ultimate Vault Hunter pledge have changed. However, once a pledge is active on Kickstarter, it cannot be edited (so we can't make that change and correct another omission), so there is some confusion among newer backers about the pledge's contents.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter pledge includes:
Borderlands®: Mister Torgue's Arena of Badassery™
Unlocked Kickstarter Stretch Goals
Skags at the Gates expansion
Tink Camp expansion
Robot Revolution expansion
Best Minion Ever expansion
Badassasaurus expansion
Mad Moxxi
Borderlands Object Pack
Monster Fight Club Obstacle Pack
Acrylic Token Pack
Loot-splosion! Printed Supplement

And your choice of either:
Borderlands Objective Pack 2
Monster Fight Club Objective Pack

The Ultimate Vault Hunter pledge DOES NOT include:
The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler
Steve the Psycho
The Objective Pack you did not choose

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone FAQ's

Absolutely! In the pledge manager, you'll be able to get cards for all your existing miniatures. We'll have a free pack of 80 cards that gives you character cards for all the Cyberpunk RPG minis that have been previously released.

We'll also have packs for the Lawmen, Gen Red, and Zoners that give you everything you need to play them as a Gang: gear cards, objectives, and their campaign scenario.

Each Gang Pack includes 6 or more miniatures. Each set also includes a character card for each miniature, plus the veteran character card for every miniature - plus all the objective and gear cards you need to play that gang.

These are sculpted in a 32mm scale, in line with many other popular tabletop miniatures games.

The miniatures are our own plastic blend, designed to hold all the fine details present in the sculptures - but with just a little bit of flex, so they don’t snap during gameplay (that’s the worst). The miniatures included in the game are the same material as the existing Cyberpunk Red RPG miniatures available from

Each retail shipment will include one set of the 21 daily miniatures, plus 1 full set of unlocked stretch goals per Core Game. Retailers will be able to add additional daily mini and stretch goal sets, in the pledge manager.

Monster Scenery™: Metropolis FAQ's

These are designed with 28-35mm figures in mind. They work great with most miniature games that are on the market today. Most of the miniatures pictured in the campaign are our Cyberpunk RED miniatures, which are a true-32mm. Crisis Protocol is a 38mm game and those miniatures work well and are on the large side, but look suitably heroic.

True 28mm figures, like old-school GW minis also look good and are on the smaller end of what works.

For this campaign, we're focused on products that are made in our USA office. These buildings are sturdy - and heavy. How much shipping will cost really depends on how many buildings you're ordering. If you want a more exact quote, send us an email at with what you'd like your pledge to include.

When backing for the STL files, you'll receive the STLs for all the pieces included in the campaign. This includes all pieces from all the Add-on sets and all unlocked stretch goal pieces (like the manhole covers, tire pile, etc). Also included are the corner connectors and all the wall shapes. Currently, this is over 120 separate files (pieces).

Some pieces, like the sidewalks or signs, are flat shapes. For the physical versions of these, the detail is printed on the surface. For the STLs, you'll have the shape and the connectors, but any surface printing or painting will be up to you, too.

The files come unsupported. You'll need to be familiar with how to make supports for your 3D printer.

Monster Scenery™: Ice Wilds FAQ's

Monster Scenery is designed to be used with a variety of tabletop miniature games. Generally, the trees and hills look good paired with minis in the 20-40mm scale range. Items like barrels, bear traps, and other crafted items are sculpted with the popular scales in mind. “Natural” scenery like trees and rocks are pretty forgiving when it comes to scale. The same tree can look good with a wider range of miniatures - the taller the miniature, the smaller the tree looks!

Generally, the trees and hills look good paired with minis in the 20-40mm scale range. Items like barrels, bear traps, and other crafted items are sculpted with the popular scales in mind.

For reference, the largest hill is 10 inches long, 6 ¾ inches wide, and 3 inches tall at its tallest point. The medium hill is 4 ½ inches long, 3 ½ inches wide and 2 ¼ inches high. The small rock is about 2 inches square and ½ an inch high. The pine trees vary in height depending on how many tree tops are stacked up. The tallest trees pictured in the campaign have one of each size tree top, on the taller trunk, and are about 10 inches tall.

The larger bushes are about 2” tall and 4” long. The smallest bush is 1.75” wide and 1.25” tall.