Monster Fight Club:
About Us

Monster Fight Club (MFC) is a close-knit team of hobby industry veterans from around the world whose purpose is to evolve tabletop gaming through fun and unique boardgame experiences; innovative accessories, terrain, and models for tabletop role-playing games and wargaming; and creating distinctive pop culture collectibles.

Founded in 2018 by 25+ year gaming-industry veteran John Kovaleski, former founder of the game manufacturing company Gale Force Nine (GF9), it's our mission to create innovative, well-crafted, durable products and miniatures for building exciting worlds full of epic adventures, thrilling battles, and endless possibilities. We also partner with other hobby game and entertainment companies to provide creative guidance and manufacturing services, always striving to ignite the passion of tabletop enthusiasts while building a community among gamers who share our love of the hobby.

In just five years, and with a pandemic, we’ve firmly established ourselves as a leader in the tabletop game and hobby industries and become renowned for our beautiful, durable, stackable, highly-detailed terrain. We’ve also published three
critically acclaimed tabletop games: Tentacle Town, Borderlands®: Mr Torgue’s Arena of Badassery™, and Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone (a Polygon Recommends 2023 award winner and one of IGN and Board Game Quest's top-rated games of 2023); produced sought-after lines of Cyberpunk Red RPG and The Witcher RPG miniatures; and successfully launched hundreds of products across dozens of global brands. Not only is our catalog of premier tabletop Monster Scenery™ and accessories ever-expanding, we have new tabletop games coming and an entirely new product line already in the works! (Keep your eyes out for information on these exciting launches!)

We’re gamers and hobbyists creating products we love for other gamers and hobbyists to enjoy. We pride ourselves on our reputation for creating exciting and engaging games that push the envelope of innovative engineering and feature incredible artwork and details designed for captivating gameplay. Our mission is to continue to lead our industries with exciting new entertainment products that spark imagination, inspire creativity, build community, encourage play, and
provide years of exciting adventure!

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A few of our team members...
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