Monster Fight Club's
Professional Services


Although it's not our primary focus, we recognize the talented individuals that make up our team and understand how challenging it can sometimes be to find someone to do quality work. As a result, we sometimes offer professional services to others in the community that can include:

Project Management

Our management team has worked as industry leaders for many years. Between us, we have produced over ten successful licensed board games and hundreds of miniature box set releases. We are confident with each phase of a project and will ensure the results are to your expectations. We really care about the details, however small.

Concept art

We can accommodate everything from single character studies to full product ranges with our in-house art team, offering multiple design solutions and alternatives. 


Our experienced in-house art team can visualize your ideas to computer screen or paper. We can work from concept art, source material, or even a napkin, to produce finished art to your specifications. 

Graphic design and layout

We offer a full graphic design service, including box wraps, rule books, trading cards, and anything in between.

Digital and physical sculpting

We operate an in-house sculpting team and work closely with some of the most talented sculptors from around the world. All of these artists have vast experience in creating products at any scale and tailored to any specific requirements.

3D printing services

Our suite of the latest high-resolution 3D printers can fulfill orders of any size, with variable levels of quality. If you need a pristine print, cleaned up, and ready to go, we offer that service as well.

Master casts

Need that one miniature 3D printed and a silicone mould made of it? No problem. Need a mould made of a physical sculpt? We can do that too. We understand that whatever the enterprise, you might have some of the pieces already in place. We are here to fill any gaps and to help you to get your project to the finish line.

Resin reproduction 

We are passionate about every detail, our resin casting team are fanatical about our quality control and will not let any miniatures leave the building without them being 100%. Over many years, we have been working on our resin casting facility to find the best materials on the market and to produce the highest quality resin casts we can as quickly as possible. We can accommodate very large moulds, right through to complete ranges of miniatures to single casts.

Plastic tooling and production

We have close connections with trusted, reliable plastic manufacturing companies based in China and we have vast experience of preparing the final product for manufacturing. Do you have your model sculpts ready but are having problems with the lay-up? We can offer that service as well.

Painting services

We offer a complete service for miniatures and model painting, ranging from pre-painted boardgame pieces to entire product ranges. We can paint Golden Demon competition-standard display models for that showpiece that will blow everyone away. 

Photography services 

We offer a complete product photography service. Need those images for marketing and box covers, we can do that.


Over the years we have built up relationships with printing and packaging companies who can supply competitively priced, high-quality custom printed cardboard boxes. From low quantity to high volume digitally printed boxes. If you need the product already packed and wrapped, we can offer that service as well.

Bespoke projects

Any project is always considered.

If you find yourself interested in the possibility of working with us, email us at